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Rainer's Rugby Football Pictures and "13 versus 15" Links!

A Rugby Player's fighting spirit is indestructible!
This Rugby Tank lost his treads - but not the ball!
Three cheers for the lad - Hoi! Hoi! Hoi! - and a cold pint!


~~ A note for the Uninitiated: Rugby football originated (1823) at Rugby School, England. It is a fast running and contact sport (tackling and "scrums" - imagine two armies clashing head-on) played by two teams of 15 players (in Rugby Union) or 13 players (in Rugby League), with an elliptical football, on a rectangular field (110 yards by 75 yards) having an H-shaped goal at either end. Players may kick the ball or run with it in their hands, but may not pass, throw, or knock it forwards. Scoring is by points: in Union, 3 for a "try" (touching down the ball in the opponent's in-goal, entitling the scoring side to attempt to convert the try into a goal), 5 for a try converted into a goal (the 3 for the try being discounted) and 3 for any other goals; in League, 3 for a try and 2 for any goal. ~~

13 versus 15

Featuring Rugby's Feuding Cousins -
League and Union!

I am promoting rugby throughout the world by including links to both League and Union -
a democracy of 2 is better than a dictatorship of 1!

Any personal 13 versus 15 bias I have is partly on non-rugby grounds - I'd rather have 13 than 15 players on the bus so that there's room for 2 more
female cheerleaders!


Here's some places where you can chat or read about Footy:

World of Rugby League

Sporting Life Rugby League News

Darryl's Australian Rugby League Page

Australian Rugby League News

English Rugby League News

Rugby League Link Gallery (Footy around the World)

"Rugby League was a game whose laws had been codified by workers in the forlorn north of England; miners and mill-workers of Bradford and Wigan, Hull and Warrington, were invaded by that peculiar genius which concerns itself with the serious business of human games, and produced what was...the supreme code, a cellular structure composed of thirteen players which mimicked life and art and war so exactly that it became them." - Thomas Kenneally


Sporting Life Rugby Union News

World Wide Rugby Football Unions (in alphabetical order - more to add!):

[Canada] [Hong Kong] [International Rugby Board] [Ireland] [Italy] [Japan]
[New Zealand] [Scotland] [South Africa] [Spain] [U.S.A.] [Wales]

The best Ruggers weight-train!

Running Rugby Player
Increase your speed, power, and endurance with weight training!

Have the best of all worlds - play like Superman on the field, and look like Mr. Universe during your beach holiday! You could build your strength at the pub - if darts and pints weighed several stone - but it's more fun at the gym where sporty-athletic-shapely gals bored with the pub like to exercise while discussing Footy with Rugby lads!

Please send comments, photographs and links for this site!

Together We Stand!!

Tullemore Dew

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