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The Bad Lieutenant - Harvey Keitel!

Viewer Warning! If you click on the posters you will view graphic images of Keitel acting out destructive addictions!

The Bad Lieutenant - starring Harvey Keitel - directed by Abel Ferrara (1992)!

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The Bad Lieutenant features Harvey Keitel and is directed by Abel Ferrara (1992)!

"BAD LIEUTENANT ... is harsh, gritty and utterly uncompromising. The photography has the bleak, documentary look of THE FRENCH CONNECTION, heavy on the hand-held camera; the editing is rough and jarring. ... Harvey Keitel shone in two roles in 1992, both in low-budget films. Assured and impressive though he is in it, Keitel's part in Quentin Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS breaks no new ground. But in BAD LIEUTENANT, he's nothing short of extraordinary. Crude, corrupt, simultaneously revelling in self-loathing and desperate for some evidence of transcendence in a world whose sordidness is overwhelming, Keitel's Lieutenant is so far out of control he approaches some warped zen state: he's truly one with the vile universe in which he lives. ... Though hardly a film for all sensibilities, BAD LIEUTENANT has the courage of its own convictions, and follows them to the bitter end. (Violence, substance abuse, profanity, nudity, sexual situations, adult situations.)"
- The Motion Picture Guide, The Films of 1992, New York: Baseline, pp. 20-21.

Abel Ferrara, is the "Bronx-born director of films marked by visceral extremity and existential confusion. The Catholic-raised Ferrara habitually wallows in themes of redemption and original sin, and, despite his well-known fondness for exploitative sleaze, has been described as among the most moral of contemporary filmmakers. ... Ferrara moved from cultishness to wider critical acclaim in the '90s, first with King of New York (1990), a hard-edged, sociologically astute gangster movie. The endlessly controversial Bad Lieutenant(1992), combining crack, smack, blasphemy, and an exhibitionistic Harvey Keitel, is widely considered his masterpiece - Martin Scorsese said it was the film he wanted his Last Temptation of Christ (1988) to be; the writer Richard Price, comparing Bad Lieutenant to Reservoir Dogs, noted, 'I think Tarantino's kinda kidding. But Abel's a sick puppy.'" -

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