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The Bad Lieutenant played by Harvey Keitel seeks redemption while declaring "I am a good Catholic!"

Viewer Warning! If you keep scrolling down this page you will view graphic images of Keitel acting out destructive addictions!

The Bad Lieutenant played by Harvey Keitel snorting Cocaine! The Bad Lieutenant played by Harvey Keitel says 'I am a good Catholic!'

Harvey Keitel drinking Vodka!

Harvey Keitel's drugs and accessories! Heroin's Chemical Structure!

A bad cop shooting heroin! Harvey Keitel shoots his gun in a store!

A bad police officer shooting his car radio! Harvey Keitel smoking dope!

Harvey Keitel at a bar!

The Bad Lieutenant and the Nun (Frankie Thorn)!


The Bad Lieutenant finds redemption!

"Acting is a storytelling process, and to play those stories, we must invest ourselves profoundly in the place of the story. Perhaps it's not so much acting as it is being. Without that being, there's no way to convey the importance of being a human being.

The idea of art is to reveal, to let us know an experience we didn't have a moment ago. The experience to struggle to understand. Given a choice between a soul and a Mercedes, people will generally choose what they can feel. My challenge has always been not to sell my soul for that Mercedes, although now that I own one, I hope that I retain my soul." - Harvey Keitel

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